Free Gift – Are You A HSP? (Highly Sensitive Person)


Hi everyone, hope you’ve all been enjoying the sunshine!

I’ve been talking a lot lately about being a Highly Sensitive Person on social media, and I figure that some of you might like to find out some more about it all.

Sensitivity can be considered a disadvantage to have as a character trait when there is a lack of understanding about what being a Highly Sensitive Person actually means! The stereotype is someone who curls up in an emotional ball and overreacts when tensions are heightened, but let me tell you there is much more to it than that, with many positive benefits to be enjoyed when sensitivity is properly understood!


First things first though! To be able to embrace the positives of being a HSP, you have to know that you are one to begin with! So I’ve developed a little freebie info page for you to access to learn about the characteristics of Highly Sensitive People, and identify whether or not you are one!

Maybe you might like to take a look at this with this with your child or a family member in mind also, to better understand why their behaviours and actions might be a certain way in particular situations?

Just click on the link below to pop me your details, and you will be emailed a link to access your freebie about HSPS!

Here comes the techy bit!!

In case you have previously given me your email before, I have started afresh with mailing lists to keep in line with to GDPR standards, so if you want to access this info about HSPs, please just submit your email address again. You will be added to the updated data base for future mailing from now on, but don’t worry! Your email will be kept super safe, and I won’t spam you!!

Speaking of spam, in case your email account doesn’t recognise me when you are waiting for your email, check your spam box, and please mark me as safe so it will pop in to your inbox next time 🙂

Now that you’ve heard all the techy business, click here to access your free gift about HSPs!


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