I am beyond happy to introduce my ‘Silver Lining Self-Care Cards’!

These cards have been in my mind and heart for over two years and now they are a reality! (A massive thanks to Ann-Marie @paperandlacedesign for helping that to happen!) They have been available since November but I felt it important to share them on my blog now too, with the hard times that the world is facing during this Covid 19 Pandemic. There is certainly a need for upping our self-care at present.

I have created these cards to help you to maintain your self-care practice. These visual prompts can be used at any time, but I really feel that it is important to have reminders around us when things aren’t going so well. It’s easy to keep up with self-care when life is good. But when we are going through a tough time, sometimes the smallest task that might help in minding ourselves can seem overwhelming. And usually that’s the time we need to be kinder to ourselves more so than ever.

The gentle questions on the front of the cards encourage you to reflect on one aspect of your wellbeing; the focus varies from physical, mental/emotional and spiritual. The back of the card then offers a little more detail around the benefits of carrying out the task. And I just love the silver-lined cloud at the bottom of each card!

You can use these cards randomly, daily or weekly, however you feel is best. You might display your message in your eye line at your desk, by your bed or wherever it will catch your attention. I really hope that these cards help you to find the Silver Lining in your day when a black-cloud day might hit, or simply keep you on track with self-care in general.

The cards are available through my etsy link

Wishing you all well and Stay Safe,

Big Loves,

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