Nature’s Cue is to Nuture!

As I sit to write this (again on a bed! My usual space for inspiration!!), it is 08.05 am and it is still pitch dark outside. I know the light will return soon. But when I take note of it being so late in to the morning and it still being so dark, I realise that nature is really giving us a big, bold sign that we should be hibernating a little bit more around this time.

Especially today, the shortest day of the year, the Winter Solstice. The solstice is not some imaginary notion concocted by pagans of yester-year. Those clever beings realised that it is a scientific concept, linked with the rotation of the earth around the sun. They also realised that most of nature surrounding them took a break: the leaves fell away, and many animals hibernated. This particular day was the pinnacle of this rest, the least amount of sunlight and the most amount of dark you’ll have in any day of the year. It’s a stripping back, in many ways. Back to basics, returning to Earth. Continue reading “Nature’s Cue is to Nuture!”

12 Priorities of Christmas

I love it, the chill in the air, the buzz around town, the twinkling of lights, the lot! It really is a magical time of year. But being honest, I know that it can also bring a hectic time of frantic running, overspending and feeling under pressure! I decided to create a list of some suggestions to help you prioritise your time, money, energy levels and attention, so that you can embrace the things that are truly important at this time of year.


1. Take time to handwrite Christmas cards.
Technology has made it so easy to send a quick generic text to wish all of our contacts a ‘one size fits all’ positive message for Christmas. But think how truly special the important people in your life will feel if you were to take the time to write a heartfelt message. I remember in my early teens, I received a Christmas card from someone who wrote ‘Thanks for being you’. One simple line made me feel so appreciated and seen for exactly who I was, and it has stuck with me to this very day still. So whether you tell your loved ones why you are grateful for them, or recall fond memories with them, your sincere couple of lines could make a massive difference to their Christmas, and beyond. Continue reading “12 Priorities of Christmas”

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