If your January was a non-starter, let February be your reset button!

As the song goes, ‘To everything, there is a season’……


If winter were a person, we would be slow-paced, strolling buddies. Winter is my season to go gently on myself. After years of ignoring my body and its warning signs, trying to operate at full speed all year round, I now realise that I probably am affected by the lack of sunlight and Vitamin D during this season, which can cause lethargy. I don’t function to my highest capacity over long periods of time when I am lacking in sunshine hours. I have less energy to expend. And I need more sleep.  So I put my focus on doing the basic things well. I take a daily Vitamin D supplement and have a S.A.D. light in my bedroom. I try my best to maintain self-care for body, mind and spirit daily, as well as embracing the gentle things in life, like meditation, walks in nature and good company. Continue reading “If your January was a non-starter, let February be your reset button!”

Overcoming The Fear Of What Others Think

The start to my new year has taken on the theme of focusing on overcoming the fear of what others think. As a result, I have had a few enquiries from people around what I do to work on overcoming this fear. So here are some short and sweet pointers to consider for anyone who may be working on living a life which meets with their own approval, rather than that of anyone else.

If you are feeling anxious about what others think, remember…


It is important to mind your self-talk.

Paying attention to the opinions that you share silently with yourself during the day will give you a clue as to how much love and belief that you are offering yourself. In fairness, it is hardly fair to expect others to think and speak supportively about you if you are unable to do it for yourself. If you can catch the negative words that run through your mind about yourself, and acknowledge that by nature, we humans are usually Continue reading “Overcoming The Fear Of What Others Think”

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