Summer Solstice – A Time for Radiance

Regarded as ‘the high point’ of our year, in terms of daylight hours, and energetically, the Summer Solstice (21st June in the Northern Hemisphere) is a celebration of all that is radiant, and blooming to its fullest potential.

This can be clearly seen in nature with greenery, florals and freshness abundantly springing up all around us. Similarly, our own inner energies mirror these signs of growth and expansion. On a practical level, increased hours of daylight mean extra exposure to Vitamin D, helping to boost our mood and our physical energy.

The spiritual energetic body also thrives at this time. The sun, at its most influential point of the year brings strength and warrior-like energy, instilling confidence and courage. It helps to eradicate fear and to create space to allow us to step in to the power of our true selves. The Summer Solstice marks a time for openness and action, reinforced by an innate belief and trust in this true self.

The seeds of intention that were planted during the depths of Winter are given life and are brought in to being with this light-based energy.

The sun, and its link to fire energy allows us to release to the Solstice flame all that is heavy, and sees us rise a-new from the ashes.

My wish for you is that you may embrace your own radiance this Summer Solstice and embody all that you know that you are destined to be!

Simple Ritual Ideas For The Summer Solstice

1. Ground in the Sunlight

I always feel the best way to settle my energy is through ‘whole-body grounding’ – literally stretching out in the grass. I can literally feel the unnecessary ‘buzzy’ energy being soaked away, and this cleansing sensation is heightened when there is gentle sunlight beaming down on your face and body.

2. Dance!

The energy that stirs up in your body when dancing vigorously is akin to that of the rising energy in nature around us at the time of the Summer Solstice. And it’s so much fun!

3. Create Nature Art

Using the blooms and foliage around you, create your own personal mandala or image to honour the Solstice.

4. Light Visualisation

Similar to the sunshine bathing mentioned above, visualise yourself being surrounded by a bubble of protective and supportive light. This is often useful to visualise in the shower, using the intention of light to cleanse also.

5. Solstice Fire

This is a traditional way to honour the sun energy at Solstice time. The fire could be used as a focal point for meditation and intention for what you wish to release, and also renew in your life. Some people prefer the physical act of writing these aspects out, and releasing them to the flames.

6. Meditate With Intention

Many people feel an affiliation to Ra, the Egyptian Sun God, and Isis, the Goddess when meditating around the idea of sun energy. Using crystals such as citrine can help to strengthen the connection, as can focusing on the yellow, solar plexus chakra in the upper stomach area.

Wishing you lots of happiness and abundance for this Summer and beyond,

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