Monday Present Moment

Mondays- fresh starts, full of potential. But they can also seem overwhelming at times when you think about everything that needs to get covered in the week ahead.

This morning I’m working on staying in the present moment to counteract that.

I can hear the birds chirping outside my window and I see beautiful sunshine pouring in my window. I know I feel tired after a busy weekend, but I choose to focus on gratitude instead, and consciously name some simple things that I’m grateful for. I plant my two feet as I get out of bed, and I ground my energy down through my legs and feet, feeling thankful to have another chance at a new day ahead.

It might sound a bit fluffy to you, but rather than it being forced or fake positivity, it is simply helping to reframe my mindset to a healthier focus. When I get distracted and my thoughts focus on being hard on myself (which I inevitably will return to), I’ll try my best to bring it back again to those present moment thoughts and zone in on the things in my surroundings to initially distract my brain from that loop, and then to allow myself to enjoy being truly present. It is especially helpful to do this if I find myself in an anxious spin, and I’m finding it hard to slow my breathing and thoughts down. That present moment focus and noticing and naming things in my space stops that circuit in the brain in its tracks. It reminds the brain that there are other route options available. Continually returning back to the breath, back to the now.

After all, all we have guaranteed and real to us is now. The past is done, and future is unknown to us. We deserve to allow ourselves to be able to enjoy the gift of present moment that is right here before us.

And it’s ok if you find it difficult. Your brain is hard-wired to focus on the negative and to get distracted. Just softly return to the ‘being’ and breath, and noticing your surroundings again once you find yourself in a unpleasant loop. You might only achieve that for a few seconds, but that’s ok. I’m constantly resetting. But little by little, you can build on it. In doing so, you will begin to rewire your brain by consciously choosing and returning to a more beneficial thought pattern for yourself.

Hope this helps you to start your week with a healthier reframe if you need it,

Mind you!

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