Easing all your fears about Chakradance!

So when you hear the name ‘Chakradance’ do you think …

‘I can’t dance!’

‘I don’t even know what Chakras are!’

‘I’d feel too self-conscious to do that!’

I want to fill you in a little on the process to put your mind at ease …

Chakradance is for EVERYONE 😊

The process involves following a guided meditation with music playing in the background. Then if you feel drawn to, you are invited to allow your body to move spontaneously in response to the music and the meditation imagery.

So you might be thinking, ‘Ok, good, there are no set movements to follow, but I’d still be so embarrassed to have people see me move like that!’

The good news is, all participants move with their EYES CLOSED to allow the connection and experience to be deepened. I, the facilitator, keep my eyes open to keep everyone safe, but other than that, no one will know how you are moving 😉

Another worry might be ‘What if I get to the class and I don’t actually want to move when I’m in the moment, or I still feel uncomfortable?’

More good news! No one is obliged to move at all. I’ve had people who were injured come to my sessions that sat throughout the class, and listened to the guided meditation, while benefiting from the healing music. You can approach the session however you feel comfortable with yourself.

And that ‘What are the Chakras?’ worry? You don’t need any prior knowledge about or experience with the Chakras to participate. The Chakras are the energy centres of our body and they are introduced to you gradually during the guided meditations. There’s no test at the end either, so don’t worry if you can’t take in all the information first go!!

Chakradance is a powerful healing modality that works subtly yet effectively through the integrated approach of using music, meditation, movement and art. It aids the release of negativity from the system and helps support positive patterns for your wellbeing. It’s also lots of fun!

Please feel free to drop me a msg to secure your place on an upcoming workshop if you feel drawn to do so!

Much love,

Mia 🙏🏻💙🦋

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