So… How Was Your November?

Can you believe that November is over?! I don’t know where that time went!

If you have been following the self care plan #mindmenov17 for the past month, I hope you’re feeling the benefits of it in some way. When I wrote the plan, my hope was to help people feel that even on tough days, it is possible to focus on one small thing that might help lighten your load. It was also my intention to help people to feel connected, motivated and supported throughout the month, hence the related daily social media posts!

Personally, I found it helpful to know that I had a specific focus to wake up to each day. It kept me on track in terms of my mindset, and helped me to not feel overwhelmed in the midst of what ended up being quite a hectic month. I really enjoyed seeing your snaps of your activities too, it was inspiring to see what some of you guys got up to!

On that note, now that we have completed the month, I’d really love to hear from any of you that followed the plan, to know how you found it overall and the activities that you enjoyed (or despised!!) Feel free to leave a comment here, on Instagram or Facebook. You might even prefer to just drop me a private mail.

And so now we roll on to December! Take yourselves gently in the lead up to Christmas; keep working on giving priority to the things that really matter in life, and above all, remember to mind you!

Looking forward to sharing more powerful positive plans in 2018,

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