Your simple care plan for November #mindmenov17

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There’s no doubt about it! Winter is definitely the best time to curl up and hibernate a little in our spare time. But it’s easy to ‘abandon ship’ on minding ourselves when the evenings get dark so early, and the couch is calling!

During Winter, some people’s moods and motivation drop a little due to lack of Vitamin D from sunlight. So it’s important to have some go-to activities planned to help counteract those potential dips in mood.

I’ve created this easy and fun plan called MIND ME NOV 17, to help you to maintain self-care in the dark and dreary times. These really simple suggested daily activities actually complement the Winter vibes; they are all about being grounded, earthy and prioritising our basic needs.

I will be emailing the plan on Monday October 30th, so you will be ready to go for November 1st. Simply, follow the guide for the month, tick off the experiences you have successfully completed, and jot down any reflections on your experiences in the spaces provided. Don’t forget to take some pics of your experience, and post your pics and thoughts to your social media platforms using the hashtag #mindmenov17.

Love Mia xxx

Get your #mindmenov17 plan here to get all set for the month ahead!

2 thoughts on “Your simple care plan for November #mindmenov17

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  1. Beautiful thought Mia….thank you for sharing your kindness and self care plan for the dark winter month …somwtimes I forget about myself with madness of daily life 🙈💗 Cant wait mia for the daily gestures…thank you for your kindness and sharing💛💜💗💚


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